Saturday, October 20, 2012

a little while

hey i missed you! its been like forever i haven't update you(BLOG):DD

i have been busy this day have  a bunch filed schedule:)
first on my list was a very
very productive day that i spend with my co-classmates.
had so much fun last Wednesday we had this out reached program to little kinder garden kiddoes
a super hyper energetic little angles whom we spend time to entertain. they are so adorable in every way a very playful ones. we were very overwhelmed with there smiles and hugg^^ 

here are some few photos from the event :))

Monday, October 15, 2012

post it in a BOnd*


 my special day!!^^

Yesterday i had my 21st birthday^^ a simple celebration with my family  and friends its so overwhelming to just wake up and as i check my phone and smiled to see all those greetings from people who are very very dear to mee :)
simple greetings from my netizens pips from facebook 

a very heart warming childhood story from my sister we had so much in common when it comes to fashion,makeups,songs,and instrument shes is Talented she was actually the one who is designing every dress i wear on my social events in school:) 

new to web*

my ever first time to actually decide to lunch  this* my very own blog.
im a fan of fashion bloggers who was one of my inspiration in this web.  it was my dream to have this my very own WORLD of mine.   to share about what i think in my very crazy ideas on fashion trends, tutorial(maybe?:D),or skin advises any thing that you may like to ask. :D